Storms across the southwest have delivered isolated rain totals. Photograph: Helen Day
Storms across the southwest have delivered isolated rain totals. Photograph: Helen Day

Storms lash the southwest, more wild weather on the way

MORE rain in the gauges has been a welcome sight around the southwest, with thunderstorms punctuating the beginning of the week.

Totals for properties around the region hit up to 44mm around Wallumbilla overnight, and St George's Warroo gauge, located just out of town recorded a welcome 30mm.

But as Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Rosa Hoff explained, not everyone received big totals from the storms.

"We did see some storms go through, dropping some fairly isolated, higher totals of rainfall - there was 44mm at Wallumbilla and 43 at Pine Hills (Wallumbilla), while the Roma gauge itself recorded 17mm so it was a little bit on the fringe," she said.

"The best storms were lying little further east, and we also saw some good storm activity further south, closer to St George.

"But they did vary around the region in terms of spatial distribution; mostly it was the one large storm through the Maranoa and Warrego, with a few around Injune and up in to the central west.

"However, they were quite isolated, and would only affect the areas immediately under them; the areas right next to them did not get so much."


So far this week, official town recordings are:

• Bollon: 20mm

• Charleville: 5mm

• Injune: 1mm

• Mitchell: 20mm

• Roma: 17.6mm

• St George: 5.6mm

• Surat: 23.2mm


Moving forward, parts of the region could experience another thunderstorm tonight.

Roma has the highest chance of an afternoon thunderstorm, currently sitting at 40 per cent, and storms could also develop in Surat, Injune, St George, Dirranbandi, Augathella.

Cunnamulla can expect some rain, or a possible storm, to follow today's dusty conditions.

Thursday and Friday are set to be sunny across the board, with storms to return over Saturday and Sunday.