MISSING HERD: 200 Droughtmaster cows have been stolen from Surat.
MISSING HERD: 200 Droughtmaster cows have been stolen from Surat. contributed

Thieves steal 200 cows from Maranoa property

ABOUT 200 Droughtmaster cows, which were being prepared for sale this week, have been stolen from a property near Surat.

The herd was a mix of pure Droughtmaster and Droughtmaster-cross-Angus, ranging from calves and weaners, through to mature cows.

Police are still investigating the theft and have been following tracks along stock routes between Surat and St George.

"It appears that the animals were walked out on foot, on to the stock route, and the investigation will focus on the offenders or any suspects if we receive any information," Detective Sergeant Scott Jackson of the Stock Squad said.

"We are looking at the tracks of shod horses in the paddock, as the property owners don't use horses."

"We're also looking at the structures of the fence, seeing if we can find cut wire or restrained fences, which would indicate some unlawful activity."

The animals, which were all bred on-farm are are only of a single brand, PAW, were last sighted on March 13.

All of them were branded and earmarked.


The earmark of the missing cattle, stolen from Surat.
Earmark of the cattle. Queensland Police

"This scale of stock theft is extremely rare and, given that they are mature cows and are quite large animals, it would take a substantial trucking response to move them and also do it without anyone noticing," Det Sgt Jackson said.

"Because it is so rare, we are calling for any witnesses to that many animals being moved between Surat and St George.

"If anyone has any knowledge of cattle trucks in the area that may have moved these numbers of animals, they can contact Crime Stoppers or their local police to provide that information."