ARCHIVAL FOOTAGE: The last time the Fire and Water Festival was held in Mitchell was 2011.
ARCHIVAL FOOTAGE: The last time the Fire and Water Festival was held in Mitchell was 2011. Maranoa Regional Council

Twenty-year-old festival is coming back to Mitchell

AFTER leaving the hearts of locals for eight years, a 20-year-old festival will be revived into the Mitchell and old Booringa community.

A weekend full of art, culture, food and fun, the Fire and Water Festival was last staged in 2011 and the Booringa Action Group are planning to bring it back in September this year.

Booringa Action Group CEO Jeff Watson said while in the early stages of planning, the event will focus on the rich and unique history and heritage of Mitchell and surrounding districts.

"The focus includes both pre and post-settlement history and hence will include indigenous, European and hopefully Chinese histories that have shaped the present day Mitchell community,” Mr Watson said.

"The event will also have a strong focus on caring for country and the Maranoa River and its place in our economic, environment and social well-being.

"To achieve these outcomes, we anticipate conducting a number of school-based workshops using various art forms to develop creative elements that will disseminate knowledge of our community's unique journey to the present day in the lead up to the festival.”

Mr Watson said planning and organisation will be essential to the success of the festival.

"To make this event happen, we invite all interested local businesses and individuals young and old to get involved,” he said.

"Organising an event like this takes the whole community and involves a great deal of pulling together, so for every person who can give even a small amount of their time to this important community event, the load becomes that much lighter for everyone and the outcome so much better.”

The Booringa Fire and Water Festival is planned for September 20-21.

The draft preliminary program to date includes:

Friday, September 20: The screening of "A Walk through Time" - an outdoor slide show of the history of the town to be screened on the banks of the river. Plans for this event include the hosting of a camp oven dinner /wine and cheese night and or vendor food stalls.

Saturday, September 21: Involves a range of activities and events which will include (but not exhaustively at this time) showcasing the history of the main street, the Gunggari heritage along the Yumba Walking Trail, performances by local groups and artists, stall and markets and a gala performance in the evening.