WELCOME BACK: St John’s School expect full attendance rates again today.
WELCOME BACK: St John’s School expect full attendance rates again today.

Welcome back: Students back after five weeks

ST John’s School offered a warm welcome this morning as students were allowed to step back into the classrooms after five weeks of remote learning.

The school is expecting full attendance rates with over 760 kids back on school grounds.

Assistant Principal Trish Parker said she’s missed the kids dearly.

‘We are community’ was plastered all over the school’s entrances with senior students providing hand sanitiser as kids entered the school.

“Our focus this year is on community, that’s our school theme for the year,” Ms Parker said.

“That’s the spirit of St John’s – about supporting one another.

“It’s about us coming back together as a community for the first time in a long time.

“It was really beautiful to see the seniors welcoming back the students.”

During the first week back with all the students, each class will be having their own liturgy.

“Each class will hold their own liturgy this week and it’s focus will be on community and us a community,” she said.

“Our next whole school assembly will be live streamed to each classroom.

“We still want to ensure we’re connected but from a safe distance.

“We still want to recognise the children’s achievements because there’s a lot of hard work still going on.”

Students will be asked to use hand sanitiser when they enter the classrooms.

“We are sanitising the classrooms every day – our cleaners are doing a fabulous job and working overtime,” she said.

“We’ve asked parents to not come into school in the morning and just asking them to collect their kids at the end of the day and leave straight away so there’s no social gatherings.”

St John's School welcoming kids back.
St John's School welcoming kids back.