Generic image of school student supplied by Pilot Pen.
Generic image of school student supplied by Pilot Pen. Lisa Musico

Western schools top list of best student-teacher ratios

SCHOOLS in the southwest are among the best-resourced schools in the state, a News report has found.

Dirranbandi State School came in third on the list. The school, which has 52.2 students and 11.2 teachers, has a ratio of 4.660.

Quilpie State School is the fourth-best resourced school in the state in terms of teacher/student ratio, a News report has found.

The school, which has 65 students and 12 teachers, has a ratio of 5.416.

By comparison, the lowest ratio in the state was Alpha State School, with a ratio of 3.833 students per teacher.

Feluga State School has the highest ratio, with only 1.40 teachers for the population of 43, resulting in a ratio of 30.71.

Cunnamulla P-12 State School came in as the eighth-best resourced, with 19 teachers for its 106 students, a ratio of 5.578.

Tambo State School and Charleville State High School both came in the top 40.

Tambo has a ratio of 7.181, 11 teachers for 79 students. Charleville's 245.8 students are serviced by 34.2 teachers, resulting in a ratio of 7.187.

The analysis by The Courier-Mail used enrolment and teacher data from the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority to reveal the number of students per full-time equivalent teacher at every Queensland school for 2018.

Metropolitan schools were more likely to have student-teacher averages near the overall state average of 13.5 students per teacher.

Of the 100 Queensland schools with the highest student-teacher ratios the split was more even, with 41 metropolitan schools compared with 59 regional and rural schools.

Education Minister Grace Grace said the 2019-2020 state budget had allocated $13.8 billion for education, including funding for an additional 1000 teachers.

"Not only have additional teachers been employed to cover for the continued growth in enrolments, the Palaszczuk Government has employed 875 teachers above growth,” Ms Grace said.

"This investment in more teachers has assisted us in meeting our class size targets.”

A spokeswoman for the Department of Education said the government was "committed to ensuring all students, no matter where they live, have access to a range of high quality learning opportunities within their local communities”.