WILD RIDE: Angus Mitchell hangs on for dear life at a rodeo event.
WILD RIDE: Angus Mitchell hangs on for dear life at a rodeo event. Yvonne Finger

Wild career ride littered with gold

WHEN Roma resident, Angus Mitchell, was first introduced to the sport of bronc riding, he fell in love immediately. Given the quick success he enjoyed, it appeared a match made in heaven.

"I was lucky enough to win my first three competitions and from there, I just never looked back,” Angus explains.

His love for the sport has taken him on a wild ride through many different positions in the industry, including a rodeo judge, a clown, a mediator, a horseback teacher and finally as a board member on the Queensland Rodeo Association.

After 35 years of dedicated service with the QRA since established in 1982, Angus has been honoured with a life membership at the Queensland Rodeo Association annual general meeting on Saturday.

In the Queensland Rodeo Association's 35 years of history, there have only ever been two people rewarded with life membership; Bob and Cheryl Tarry from Roma.

Through so many years as a rodeo maestro, Angus gets a real kick out of teaching kids horsemanship skills.

By contributing his time and giving back to the next crop of young bronc riders, Angus has become something of a role model to many of them.

"If you teach them with the same enthusiasm and passion that you have for the sport, the kids will always want to do their best for you,” he said.

"I still get a kick out of seeing the smiles on their faces.”

Angus is also an excellent communicator, and has spent a lot of his time mediating conflict between different associations during difficult periods.

"I really enjoy meeting new people and talking to them which is something I've been able to put to good use.”

Angus is not short on achievements, having collected a multitude of awards, buckles and trophies.

In 2015, he achieved his All Round Rough Stock Saddle title, but has since decided to finally hang up his bronc and bareback riding boots.

Who could blame him? After all, there's not much left for Angus to achieve in the sport.