2020 Brisbane International Schools Challenge State Finals – green balls team.
2020 Brisbane International Schools Challenge State Finals – green balls team.

WOMEN’S DAY: Celebrating local sporting heroes

With a passion for all things sport, St John’s teacher Meg Lyons has witnessed the progress women have contributed to the sporting industry, from when she was a student to now as a leader.

Labelled a “superstar” by pro tennis player John Millman after her ongoing contribution to tennis in the southwest, Ms Lyons said she’s seen a push for equality, inclusivity and the idea that females can do anything their male counterparts can.

“International Women’s Day is a very important day on the calendar … it’s important to acknowledge the incredible work that females in society do day in, day out,” Ms Lyons said.

“As a HPE teacher it has always been a male dominated field, but I have seen many changes from when I was a student to now as a teacher.

“I have seen women in my industry move up the ladder to Head of Department and Head of Sport roles which is fantastic to see.

“It is important to have women in my industry because the female brain grows and develops differently to males, so therefore we learn differently.

“Female sport has made some very solid progress in recent times … it is great to see girls have a pathway now in sport especially in the W-League, WBBL, AFLW and Women’s NRL.”

The energetic lover of sport started playing tennis when she was five-years-old and was coached by Mark Handley who helped her find her love of movement and competiveness.

Her IWD message to other women out there is “if you set a goal whether it be academically, socially, physically, mentally or spiritually – you can achieve it”.

Who has been the biggest inspiration to the women who has passionately passed on her love of sport to others for many years?

Her mum – “Growing up in a family with two older brothers, my parents always allowed me to try everything my brothers did. My mum is a very strong willed women. Who stands her ground on her beliefs she doesn’t let anyone stand in her way, but she always does it in a diplomatic, humble way,” she said.

“Always listening to others, and offering her support in any way she can … I learn from her everyday of my life, which is very special.

“So many people have told me how much of a special lady my mum is.”